Face your Fears

Do one thing everyday that scares you

September 24, 2015. read.

Comfort Zones.

For a long time, I've been living in my comfort zone. The only things to ever push me out of it were classes. Since I was really young I have been extremely introverted. I loved keeping to myself and a couple friends were nice, but ask me to go up in front of a class and give a talk or even just talk to some strangers... That was really pushing it. My palms would get really sweaty and my heart would race a million miles an hour and when it was finally my turn to talk I would barely be able to get a sentence out because of how nervous I was.

Pushing the Envelope.

After about 16 years of education and having to give those talks ever so often, I can say I've gotten much better, but I still have a long ways to go. And that is why my friends and I have taken it upon ourselves to live by the following quote:

"Do one thing everyday that scares you."
And to do that we decided to give each other daily challenges that will push us out of our comfort zone. This blog post is a journey through those challenges.

Many thanks to Alex and Edward for pushing me to improve myself and doing this with me.

Day 1.

Selfie with a Stranger.

9/21/2015: "Yeah for sure man! What's this for?"

Day 2.

Ask someone to take a photo of you planking

Here's the girl that took the photo:

9/22/2015: "I don't really understand, but ok."

Day 3.

Ask someone to take a photo of you and one other stranger

9/23/2015: "Am I allowed to smile?"

Day 4.

Take a photo of you and 3 other girls.

9/24/2015: "Is it okay if we still eat our froyo?"

Day 5.

Get a girl to hold your hand.

This one was a toughie, took me way too long to actually do it, but today I asked a girl to hold something for me with the intention of holding her hand. She was really confused at first and then started to look really afraid of what was in my hand. In the end I scared her off by telling her the "thing" I was carrying was really heavy.

9/25/2015: "What is it? I'm afraid, is it alive?"