Hello, World!

A few things about me.

January 14, 2015. read.

Creative Thinking

Welcome to my first blog post! A little bit about me... I am currently studying computer science at the University of Colorado, Boulder with an emphasis on software engineering. So far I have done a lot of software based projects, but this semester I am going to attempt to dive into more physical computing. I have a couple ideas on what I want to do this semester and I'll keep you updated through this blog!

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What creative tasks am I good at?

I've been interested in music for the majority of my life. When I was in fourth grade I started taking piano lessons and really enjoyed it. So much so that I started composing my own songs. A lot of them were really meh, but I enjoyed coming up with my own melodies and composing the music. Fast forward to my high school years, by then, I was producing music with my friend Matt and also singing and rapping on those beats we produced. That was when I was really able to let my creative juices to flow. I was singing my own lyrics and writing my own melodies. Looking back on it is kind of embarrassing but there were a couple of songs that I thought were pretty good.

Aside from music, the other most prominent creative task I like to do is drawing. My passion for drawing was inspired from my dad. We would always go to restaurants and he would draw these cool super heroes and villains on napkins or on my kids menu with the crayons. From then on I would always try to draw my own stuff, and I even got into digital art a little bit. I drew stuff with Microsoft Paint and that evolved into paint.net. I even have a couple of videos of me speed drawing some characters, such as Meta Knight from super smash bros.

Since I started college, I haven't really been able to pursue these two creative passions as much as I would like to, but maybe physical computing can help bridge that gap.

What creative tasks do I want to get better at?

When I made the decision to pursue computer science, it was because of a lot of the same reasons I pursued art and drawing. I was passionate about it and it let me make some cool stuff. But since my decision to pursue this career, I haven't really been able to apply my skills from comp sci to create any projects I would really stand behind and be proud to call me own. In that sense, I would like to get better at pursuing more personal projects using my computer science skill-set to create something creative that I am passionate about. And hopefully this blog will be that answer to really pursuing a sweet project!